• Do more and better for the Congolese patient...

About Us

Trinty Medical Equipments is specialized in providing biomedical solutions to laboratories and healthcare specialists.

As our fellow citizens’ health and lives are absolutely priceless, and because the human life is at the heart of all the attention, TME focuses all its efforts in working hand in hand with healthcare specialists in their research of efficient solutions to deliver to their patients.

Our mission is a rigorous watchfulness in making sure that all the optimal conditions are fulfilled upstream in such a way that downstream, patients benefit from the best diagnostics, the best assistance ever and the deliverance of products with a flawless quality and an undisputed security.

To provide you with the best assistance possible in your devoted mission, we only partner with reputed companies who are worldwide leaders in their respective fields. They boast the requested credentials at the international level and credits from the ethical safeguards in terms of public health such as the WHO.

Our profound attachment to the needs and success of our customers has granted us the trust of the key players of the Public Sector in the DRC (Ministry of Health, NCST, NPAA, BNRI…) and of our privileged partners in the private sector as well (hospitals, clinics, health centers, laboratories…).

We make your projects ours and work intensively to be the spearhead of the health sector in the DRC to be able to bring a notable and positive contribution to the development of our dear country. That’s one of the reasons why TME actively contributes, financially and materially in sponsoring healthcare specialists in their vision of growth thus allowing them to always do more and better for the Congolese patient who deserves the best of assistance